Green Tech Insulation Makes Life Quieter

Green Tech Insulation is proud to use Knauf EcoBatt Insulation, which is created from rapidly renewable bio-based materials such as sand and at least 30 percent recycled glass instead of petroleum-based chemicals. You can also rest assured that Knauf EcoBatt Insulations contains no artificial colours, acrylics, phenol or formaldehyde. Green Tech Insulation also features blown fiberglass for attics that will not catch fire and is ordour free. This product also won’t settle and retards fungus and mold growth. It also won’t rot, contains no asbestos and doesn’t provide a home for vermin.

This company also features open cell ottawa spray foam insulation and injection insulating foam. They also offer ottawa commercial insulation. Open cell spray foam absorbs sound and vibrations. It is a substance made up of polyurethane foam that insulates and offers a seal against air that blocks the transmission of sound and blocks sound leakage. Injected foam insulation is mainly used for older un-insulated homes. It fills the wall cavities with a semi-rigid polyurethane foam system that has a low place density. This foam is completely waterproof and offers an excellent sealed barrier and absorbs sound vibrations.

Green Tech Insulations also features Polarfoam PF-7300-0 Soya, which is a closed cell spray foam. It is a dual-component mixture that locks out moisture and reduces energy leaks in your home. It will deliver a barrier that’s better than most conventional materials used for insulation because it bonds with surfaces to create an airtight barrier. Best of all, it can be used almost anywhere.

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