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For the past 4 years that we have been homeschooling, we have used a couple of curriculum for our Bible study time. I’m sharing with you 3 Bible currciulum that we have tried. We liked them but each has its own advantage and disadvantage.  Of course, you should still give these curriculum a try to see if it fits your own family. Please also note that this is not a sponsored post.

For our first year, we have opted to try the Alpha Omega Lifepac Bible series. It comes in a box of 10 individual workbooks. It is a complete package already as it contains readings, worksheets and tests. Answer key is also provided and minimal intervention from the teacher is needed.



We used this material for 2 years. What we didn’t like is that the workbooks are consumable, meaning, I have to buy another set for my next child and it is quite costly. I also didn’t like that it inserted english lessons in between certain unit studies. It was out of synch for us since we were not using Alpha Omega Lifepac for our other subjects.  I am also looking for something that I can use on a multi-level homeschool.

So we moved on to Big Book of Questions and Answers by Sinclair Ferguson. It contains a list of questions about the Christian faith. It has a list of activities, prayers and Bible references.

We liked this curriculum because it was very simple and straight forward. The kids enjoyed the activities and clarity of the lessons. The questions were thoroughly discussed and answered.

bigbook2 bigbook1


This curriculum is better used with the guidance of the teacher and family discussion would prove to be the best way go with this curriculum. We were able to buy this at a local Christian bookstore. We finished the 2 books in one semester.

After we finished, we moved on the Bible Study Guide for All Ages by Mary Baker. This curriculum was recommended by a friend and we liked this curriculum because it goes through the entire Bible, chapter by chapter and you can use this study with the whole family. Everyone studies the same text and family discussion works for our family. Aside from theology, the kids learn to apply what they learn in their lives.


I enjoy Bible Study Guide for All Ages since I get to learn along with the kids. I also love the family discussions we have and the in-depth study that we get out of this curriculum. This has 4 units and each unit has 104 lessons. Each unit can last for one school year.

We hope to continue on with Bible Study Guide for All Ages for the next few years.


  1. Hello Chris,
    Could you please share where you bought Bible Study Guide for All Ages? I was introduced to it a few years ago but at that time we were using something else. Thank you for bringing it to my attention again. Bible is the one subject na hirap akong maghanap ng tamang curriculum that fits all my children (ages 6-12 years) so that sabay sabay gawin.

  2. This is a curriculum that you can use by itself or you can purchase more items from to go with it. I chose to purchase everything that comes with it because I want our family to see the maps and understand where the Bible cities are located and the timeline so we can also so understand in what order events occurred. I love that this Bible study really is for all ages. During our devotion time we will be teaching children from ages 1 to 19. And we have always struggled with how to teach such a wide variety of ages at once. I am very thankful to my friend for suggesting this curriculum.

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