Experiential Learning

Being raised in a traditional school set up where lessons were taught through text books, work books and tests, I sometimes find myself doing the same to my kids. But since we are homeschooling them, I have to remind myself that we are supposed to take advantage of the freedom we have to do more than just the usual.

Experiential learning is often the best way for a child to learn. Reading books and written exercises are just some of the methods for a child to acquire knowledge but there are still several ways to enhance their learning experience.

Make projects. Making projects need not be an expensive task. Look around at your home for materials that are suitable for the project you are making. The children will be able to reconstruct what they have learned and this encourages resourcefulness and creativity to emerge.


We are currently studying about the ocean and its creatures, so my children are making their own ocean boxes.

Share learnings. Ask your children to teach what they have learned. Either through an oral report or a powerpoint presentation. They can also create their own plays through puppeteering or shadow shows and embed the lesson they have learned.

Last Sunday, my children presented a short puppeteering show to the Kids Sunday School and embedded the lesson of mercy from the Bible. They created the scipt, the backdrop and the props. They voiced over the puppets as well. It was simple but the lesson was very clear.

Take a trip. When learning about culture, it is most educational to visit the actual place. But if it is not possible, it is  imperative to visit museums, try different food, watch local programs of the culture you are studying, listen and learn their languages and interact with them.  Keeping collections would also be a fun way to learn more about other cultures.

For our Social Studies, we hope to take local trips around the Philippines so that my children can better appreciate our country and the different regions we have. Culture and history can be better appreciated this way. We also make sure that we go to museums which showcase our history, culture and arts.

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Learning doesn’t just happen when you read books and do worksheets, you can incorporate learning in every part of life. You just need to be intentional and be aware of opportunities around.

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