Family Field Trips

As homeschoolers, learning has become a part of our lifestyle. We don’t just from books but we learn every time we go out. We consider family trips as field trips.

Going to the supermarket is a weekly family event. We list down the items and how much we need. Then we make sure we don’t go over the budget. This is a simple, effective  and practical way to learn mathematics.

When there are good musicals being shown, like the recent Trumpet’s show The Bluebird of Happiness, we make sure we watch it. It is an entertaining way to learn more about stage production, performing arts, culture and life lessons.

The bookstore is a family favorite. Whether it is National Bookstore, Powerbooks, Fully Booked, Book Sale or other shops. The kids learn about categorizing, alphabetical ordering and appreciating books from different genres.

Sometimes, we get to pass by jewelry stores. Here, they learn about the different minerals and stones used for jewelries.

Parks are good places to go for nature walk. They observe, appreciate and enjoy nature more when we get to visit these places. They also learn about the flowers, the plants and the insects around. There are days that different birds visit and we get to study them as well.

Sometimes, we get to visit places like the zoo and museums which make learning even more fun!

Learning is easier when chidren have fun and acquires experiential knowledge. Family field trips are crucial in providing these for the children.



  1. I love the idea of going to jewelry shops to learn about gems etc. I’ll keep that in mind, Chris! 🙂

  2. ladylyn flores says

    nc mommy pno mo n gagawa lht ng yn n prng mhinahon 😉

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