Guitar Wish

A few months back, we have been looking around online music stores and stores in shopping centers. We were looking for a baby guitar. We saw a few good ones but they exceeded our budget.

Anyway, my son has expressed interest in learning to play the guitar for quite some time now and so when we found one that fitted our budget, we got him one!


He has been practicing his chords with his dad for the past weeks. I am surprised how easily he has learned the chords! He just needs to continually practice what we has learned.



  1. Hi Chris! looks like the guitar fits Toby perfectly. our plan to buy a guitar for Zach (he also wants to learn how to play it) has been delayed due to unexpected circumstances in the family. But were just here, being still and waiting for the Lord 🙂

  2. Hi, Chris musta na! You still do MM? 🙂

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