Our Bluebird of Happiness Experience

Last Saturday, the family went to Meralco Theater to watch the musical The Bluebird of Happiness. It was already running its last Saturday afternoon show and we were excited as this marks our annual musical watching. I have also read positive reviews about this musical from Trumpets so I was excited!


We got there early and I wasn’t surprised to see that the venue was filled with kids! Half of all those who were watching were below 10 years old. I just hoped that they wouldn’t be noisy when the show was running. True enough, once the show has started. The entire venue was silent with anticipation.

The story is about two siblings named Mytyl and Tyltyl. They came from a not so rich family and wanted to have more for Christmas. Because of this, they were sent to look for happiness in the land of memories, the land of luxury and the land of future Children. In their journey, they were accompanied by their pets, Tylo the dog and Tylet the cat. They learned life lessons along the way and eventually found the bluebird of happiness.

I was amazed at the wonderful stage design and lights that we witnessed. But more than that, I loved that the story was very engaging and full of lessons for both the young and the old.

My children and I still have a hang-over from the musical. We sing the songs, we discuss the lessons and the characters. I am grateful that we chose to watch this musical. It is truly a family musical one shouldn’t miss!



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