Thankful For My Family

Amador family portrait

Today, I just want to thank the Lord for my family. I am with them everyday that sometimes, it is so easy to take each person that God has put in my family for granted. I am grateful for the love, joy and support that we exprience everyday. It is not always easy being together all the time but it is through these times that I see how God uses each one of us to shapren each other and be who God wants us to be. Each of us is wired differently but because of the Lord’s love and guidance, He brings everything into proper perspective.

What a joy to walk alongside my husband as we pursue the Lord each day and what He wants to accomplish through us. It is hunbling to lead my daughter and my son each day, and to teach them in the ways of the Lord as the Bible has intructed us to do so. Sometimes, it is a tough job but through the faithfulness of the Lord, I am honored to see their development.

Truly, it is a  joy and a privilege to serve my family each day. No day is wasted, no task is too insignficant. Thank you Lord.

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