Top Toys for Developing a Toddler’s Hand to Eye Co-ordination

The development of hand to eye co-ordination is something that will happen once your baby is born. He hasn’t needed such skills in the womb and his poor eyesight will only start to develop once he is in the big wide world. As he grows, he will be more inquisitive, building interactivity day by day.

As they grow, the toy options that are available to tots increase ten-fold, with plenty of stimulating toys available on the market that will help to develop the all-important hand to eye co-ordination. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to get him this Christmas to help nurture the skill, take a look at these fabulous ideas, perfect for this stage in his development.

Shape Sorters

These toys come in all shapes and sizes and are far more advanced than the sort we had to play with when we were their age. Whether you choose a gender neutral item with bold, vibrant colours, or a traditional wooden alternative in the shape of Noah’s Ark is completely up to you.

The Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise is a great example of a shape sorter that has much more to it than just sorting shapes. Shape sorters help to develop co-ordination, while also building on your child’s motor skills, colour recognition and language.


Stacking Toys

Whether it’s the traditional stacking rings or cups that you’ve had your eye on, or you opt for a funkier alternative, stacking toys are a fabulous addition to toy chest and will help your child to differentiate between sizes and colours, while using their dexterity to stack them properly. Stacking cups can also double up for bathtime fun!

Wooden Puzzles

Jigsaws are great fun and something that is available to children as they sail through the various stages of development. You can help to encourage a tot’s hand to eye co-ordination by introducing wooden peg puzzles, where they have to use their pincer skills to pick up the pieces and place them in the right slots.

Threading Toys

Start with larger items such as cotton reels and wooden blocks, encouraging them to thread the objects onto string. As they grow, they can develop this skill further by using smaller beads and cotton thread.

Activity Cubes

These bulky toys are perfect if you’re looking for something that has a bit of everything. With a different activity on each side of the cube, your child will benefit from plenty of stimulating opportunities, including shape sorting, musical instruments, mazes and threading.

By following the various stages of development, you will be able to invest in some educational toys perfect for your little one to build on the skills they already have.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris! My little toddler is into manipulative toys these days and I might just get him his first jigsaw puzzle! 🙂

  2. Ah, the shape sorters… the toy that every household should have. 🙂
    My son has that exact same toy in the photo, hehe.

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