Educational Toys From Fatty Brain Toys

A few weeks ago, we attended the You Can Homeschool conference. We saw some educational toys that were really interesting.


hotdots jr with talking pen Magnetic Mighty Mind crime solver scope


















Magnetic Mighty Mind – MightyMind, the award winning, highest rated 5-Star activity set is now magnetic. Contains 32 proportionaldesign tiles in 6 basic geometric shapes, 4 colors, in large and small sizes, with matching magnetic shapes. The tiles are neatly stored in the convenient cotton storage pouch. Also included is a deck of 30 sturdy puzzle board cards which are organized and programmed in numerical sequence to show children how to build and solve puzzles.

Hot Dots Jr. – You can use the talking pen set to respond to activities including alphabets, numbers & counting, shapes, colors, problem solving, beginning science, patterns & sequence.

Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal – It includes transforming Pocket Scope a portable telescope and microscope in 1 and twenty-page Forensics Journal containing forensic activities such as fingerprinting, counterfeit-money detection, cloth fiber and hair identification, surveillance techniques and more.


Zimbbos – Just roll the die to find out how many elephants to stack on to the pyramid. The player who manages to place the last elephant on the pyramid wins. The perfect first game, Zimbbos teaches color recognition, counting, and develops dexterity and balance awareness.

All these educational toys are distributed by Fatty Brain Toys.  They currently carry 3 brands.  Mightymind, Educational Insights and Blue Orange Games.



These toys are perfect for children, especially these Christmas season. For more information, check out:

Fatty Brain Toys Inc.
Contact No. 0917-8820130/  9940640

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