Keeping Your Relationship Exciting

Finding time to spend together after you’ve been dating or married for awhile can be challenging for any couple. You may find that even when you’re spending time together, one or both of you feels like the relationship has become stale or stagnant. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can keep your relationship spicy and exciting.

First off, consider visiting a toy shop and checking out some adult lingerie or accessories. Sometimes just adding something different in the bedroom can get you both excited and wanting each other even more. Additionally, you may find that using something new makes you both feel more positively about your own bodies and your shared experiences as a couple.

Another way you can keep things interesting is to consider going on a special date. Why not schedule a date night at least twice a month? You’ll be able to spend some time just focusing on one another. You could use this as a time to relive some of your first dates, such as going to restaurants or movies, or you could use it as a time to explore new interests and hobbies. For example, you could try snow boarding, skiing, or fishing together. You might even try something new like seeing a play or trying a new form of exercise together.


  1. Dad and I usually go out once a month to celebrate our monthsarry. 😀

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