Reflections of A Stay At Home Mom

After being a full time stay at home mom for almost  10 years, I can honestly say that managing the household is much like running your own corporation. You need to have good managerial skills to ensure that the family’s schedule don’t get too busy or overlap with one another. Financial skills is needed to ensure that you don’t go over the budget and that money is being used properly. Good decision making is crucial to make sure that wise decisions are made every day in every area of life so that the family operates the best possible way.

As a homemaker, there are days that I find my work tedious and repetitive. Cleaning the house, cooking the meals, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and fixing the mess around is not as glamorous as working in an air conditioned office or consolidating reports for your boss. In fact, there are days that I also have to clean the toilets, the garden and make sure that no pests are lurking around the house. If needed and if finances allow, I get extra help to make sure I cover the things that I can not do like calling extermination dorval to help me elimiante pests. On top of all these, I also homeschool and spend time with my children.

As I look back at the past years, I realized I have no awards to show. I don’t have any achievements that I can boast about. But by the grace of God, I look at our family and these are the people who I have invested my energy, my time and my passion. I see how the children have grown over the years and how my husband has been able to pursue his calling in his life. All of life’s milestones, the answered prayers, the struggles and trials we had to face each day together and the Lord’s faithfulness are what kept me going all these years.

The tedious and repetitive tasks that I do are all done out of love and service to my family. During tough days, I know that I have fulfilled what God has tasked me to do and that is enough to encourage me to go on. That decision to become a stay at home mom several years ago has allowed me to grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined, probably even more than when I was still working my way up on the corporate ladder.

I do not know what our future may bring but today, as I look back at the choice I made almost 10 years ago, I am blessed by where God has led my family. My heart is full.


  1. I am so encourged with your reflection.
    You have expressed the “I feel” just beautifully with simplicity and honesty.
    You are a good writer.
    I can relate. and fully understand you <3
    God bless you Mommy Chris.
    I hope to spend time again with you …
    calling all Pastors' wives …. let volt in !

  2. Hi mommy Chris! My admiration goes with full-time moms who manage to do almost everything in the house. That’s one big work, but knowing you are of there 24/7 for your loved ones gives you the top achievement of all.

  3. if only i have a choice to be a stay-at-home mom, i’ll definitely grab it. however, i need to stay working to be able to provide my kids a good life.

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