Birthday Planner Giveaway

In celebration of my birthday and the Christmas season, I would like to give away one Mommy Mundo’s Mom 24/7 Planner for 2014 to one of my faithful readers.


If you still haven’t seen this planner, this is a great tool to help moms who have to keep track of the kid’s schedule and their own. Aside from the monthly calendar and the daily planner, there are several pages which are focused on managing the household.

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I truly believe that life should be lived intentionally and planners like this can help you organize and be more intentional with the use of your time. Β It is my joy to share it with one of my beloved readers.Β My giveaway starts today and ends on December 23. Giveaway is open nationwide! Β Use the rafflecopter below to join. Mechanics are very easy.
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  1. Next year, I am really hoping to have a Medical Insurance for my little boy.

  2. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish next year. First and foremost, I want to become a licensed teacher and be able to teach next school year. Aside from that, I want to officially register my business. As for me and my kids, I am hoping to have another staycation with them since I have been very busy with work.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  3. For next year, I really want to pay all our debts at SSS and the lot right next to our house. I know it would be a big struggle especially because am giving birth to our second child by March. Still, I think that we could try to accomplish that as much as possible so that we could prepare for 2015 when our son would already start pre-school πŸ™‚

    Joy Adalia

  4. Want to accomplish hhhhmmmm!!!,… To finish paint my motor this year end!

  5. Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay says

    To leave the corporate world and start out with my new business and online shop. πŸ™‚

    Ma. Clarice Lao – Itumay

  6. My plan next year is to get pregnant at the second quarter so I will give birth by early 2015.. But still depends on God’s plan for us. I also plan to save and invest more.

  7. forgot my details:

    mary rose castillo

  8. I would like to open a mutual fund by next year and I would like to get a health insurance.

  9. 2013 was a pretty hard year for us financially, that’s why my plans next year is settling all our debts. After that save money for my kids education and for our house. I know these are BIG plans and with my kids as my motivators I know I can fulfill all of them.

  10. For next year I want to fix our finances so I can set aside a certain amount each month and see our savings grow.

  11. For 2014, I wish to accomplish more on my online shop. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a website for it to establish a more credible shop πŸ™‚
    happy birthday chris.
    mari salvilla

  12. I want to become a healthier me next year since i hit the age of 39 last Dec13… I want to be fit and healthy for me and my family.

    Agnes Dela Cruz

  13. for next year i really want to establish a daily routine for my little man who will be attending big school already that is why i really need a planner to help me get our day-to-day activities organized!

    joining here sis + happy birthday to you! ^_^

    Vix Parungao

  14. I want to get our family finances in order next year, and the big goal is to have enough to start paying for a house of our own by next Christmas!! Keeping my fingers crossed. πŸ™‚

    Happy birthday and happy holidays, Chris!

    Patricia Cuyugan
    mrspcuyugan at gmail dot com

  15. Yna Bronozo (@yns023) says

    My goal next year is to find a work that I would really enjoy and to cross out something on my list that includes doing something that I’m really afraid to do before “face one of my fears” something like that. And maybe just maybe have a love life this coming 2014 hahaha

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

    Marie Katrina Bronozo

  16. Theresa Cruz-Escaros says

    Improve finances – get a job or start a business. Lose weight.

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  17. caryn morales says

    to start my own fashion shop once the building is done next year. i’m excited to finaly have a physical store

    caryn morales

  18. Shanda Enriquez says

    I need to become more organized. I swear I am a mess. A planer would help me be able to keep track of things so I am not up baking all night because I forgot about the bake sale until the very last minute….
    Shanda Enriquez

  19. Dong Andres says

    I want to be with my family next year

  20. I would like to achieve financial stability next year and to be a voluntary member of SSS an Pag-ibig.

  21. Lennie G. Mungcal says

    i want to help my children in their studies,.
    Lennie G. Mungcal

  22. Cathlyn Joy G. Roman says

    gusto kong mag-stay sa TOP 10 sa class kaya i will study hard,.
    Cathlyn Joy G. Roman

  23. Rikka Redrico
    For 2014, I wish for financial stability, good wealth and progress in my home based career. Also, I wish this would be the best year for me to venture my food business. Merry Christmas, Chris!

  24. I don’t know if you got my first comment, but I did commented. Anyway, here’s another version if in case…
    What is one thing you really want to accomplish the next year?
    My son plans to setup a loading station and he wants me to help him make this happen, that’s one thing I know we will accomplish by 2014 πŸ™‚

  25. What I really want to accomplish is to start saving for my retirement plan.

  26. so sorry Ms. Chris, forgot to greet you a very Happy Birthday πŸ™‚ and Merry Christmas to you and your family πŸ™‚

  27. Thank you! Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

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