Life Lessons from Frozen

If you still haven’t seen Frozen, I highly recommend this Disney movie. It is very entertaining and people can easily identify with the different characters in the story. The songs are easy to sing along with so my kids have nearly memorized the songs after watching the movie twice.



We also learned a lot from the movie. Here are some of the life lessons from Frozen:

An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. It doesn’t matter how hard a person’s heart is, once you give acts of kindness and love, it is sure to melt the coldest and hardest heart.

True love doesn’t always come the way you expect it to be. It doesn’t always have to have that “spark” or ¬†be romantic, true love entails sacrifice.

Being brave and adventurous can go both ways. If seasoned with wisdom, bravery can result to something good while being adventurous partnered with impulsiveness can result to destruction.

Don’t marry someone you don’t know. Marriage isn’t something that you rush into. Make sure you know who you are getting married to.

If fear controls you, the results are  usually not desirable. Fear is never a good motivator. When our actions are controlled by fear, disaster awaits.

Do you have any other lessons you’d like to add? Leave a comment.


  1. We loved that movie!! And great lessons too.

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