When Homeschooling Is Hard

The school year is half way through. We are done with our second quarter and will be going for our portfolio review soon. This school year hasn’t been an easy one for us. There are days that I really want to stop homeschooling and enroll my kids in a ¬†school. I thought that as the years go on, it would be easier to homeschool but I am learning that is not necessarily true.

Homeschooling for four years now, I probably expect to see more development of character like discipline and diligence but sometimes, it is not easy to see these in your children. As I consulted with other homeschool families, those who have been homeschooling longer than I have, you will not see the good results immediately in your children. It takes time to mold a character.

I also realized that as I homeschool my children, my own character is being shaped and changed by the Lord. Am I being faithful in what the Lord has tasked me to do? Or am I being irritable because of inconveniences that I experience? Am I diligently praying for them? Or am I spending too much time online?

When I calm down, and think the situation through, I know that God has not called us to stop homeschooling now. In fact, he wants us to persevere and continue on this path less traveled. It is certainly a harder route to take but as I have learned through the years, the harder route makes us rely more on Christ and less on ourself.

When homeschooling is hard, don’t just give up. Pray and reflect. Seek the Lord and listen to His instructions. Most often than not, God is talking to you about your own character. Persevere and depend on the Lord to help you fulfill the task He has called you to do.


  1. Thank you for that post. I get tired and think about enrolling them in public it was good to know I’m not alone in that. Glad to hear the encouraging words about character as well. I have been homeschooling for 5 years and am still trying to figure it all out. This really post really encouraged me.

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