Art Lessons At Home

A few weeks ago, the kids used colored papers to make their own mosaic art works.

photo (14)

This artwork is inspired by the art curriculum that we have been using, Artistic Pursuits. Artistic Pursuits Early Elementary Book One is for 5 years old and above.It is filled with many colorful illustrations and introduces the principles of arts without intimidating the child.

cov K-3 1 002


I am thankful to have found this art curriculum, because it has certainly helped the kids to have a deeper appreciation for the arts and the principles of art. If you want an art curriculum which is fun and informative, you should definitely try Artistic Pursuits.





  1. I don’t homeschool, but I’ve been looking for nice crafty activities that I can do at home with my son after school and on weekends. A paper mosaic looks like a good idea 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  2. Sis, where did you buy Artistic Pursuits from? The U.S. pa?

  3. Aww the dinosaur is so cute!

  4. I ordered a copy of Artistic Pursuits just before reading this blog post! Glad to know I made the right choice, Chris! Art was my waterloo in school so I’m looking forward to learning with my daughter also. Can’t wait!

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