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images (1)Once you have written your first, or next, children’s book, you want to find an agent who will help you get your work out to the public. There are many agencies out there who want to represent children’s authors who have a unique talent and plenty of creativity. Someplace like the Herman Agency Inc. can offer you support and guidance when you search for a publisher to help people discover your work.

Whether you are looking someone to help you with a picture book, an educational books or series of educational books, supplementary materials, cartoons and many other styles, your agency will devise a way to steer you in the right direction for your type of work and your own style within that type of work.

When you work with agents who have represented many authors and artists over the years, as well as having created and published works of their own, you enjoy the benefit of receiving a unique perspective on the industry, as well as about your own work and what its potential in the current market is.

Your agency will offer you new ways to reach the public with your ideas, such as by using cartoon characters, toys, advertising and other ideas to diversify your work, especially if you and your agency sense that a particular character has the potential to resonate with readers. The more potential exposure you can muster, the better your chances of finding success in the book publishing world as an author or visual artist.

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