No Cable At Home

Since moving to our house 9 years ago, we have never subscribed to cable services and because of this, we only turn on our television selectively during the week. Through the years, I realized that there are several pros and cons of not having cable connection at home.

I’m listing out the cons.

> We don’t get to open our television most part of the day, sometimes, days would pass by without us opening it at all.

> My family, especially my kids don’t know the latest songs, shows or personalities.

And here are the pros.

> We don’t spend much of our time watching TV shows. We talk, interact and do things together instead.

> Instead of paying for our cable subscription, we can use the money elsewhere.

> We get to choose which movie or TV show we want to watch. We don’t feed our eyes, minds and thoughts with shows and commercials we don’t approve of.

I definitely think that not having a cable has hepled us as a family. But don’t get me wrong, we allow the kids to watch the news so that they will have an idea what is happening in the world around us. I also show them the latest fashion trends and music, but with parental supervision now.

One day, when my kids grow up, I pray that they will also make wise decisions and choose what would please the Lord the most.


  1. Honestly, Chris, I don’t know many people who can live without cable TV, so I must say I am impressed by your choices and your commitment to stick to them. We have cable at home but none in our room, and I feel that it sort of helps limit the time that we, as a family, zone out in front of a show. Instead, we read and talk before bed, play board games and enjoy our time together. 🙂

    • You are right. Putting it in the living room helps. We used to have cable subscription when we were renting an apartment but chose not to have one when we moved to our own place here in Laguna.

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