Parenting Older Children

As my kids grow older, I want to continue to invest in our relationship. But this is something that one can easily take for granted so I am definitely reminding myself to focus on this year.

When my kids were still preschoolers or younger, it was fairly easy to spend time with them  since spending time with them means being with them and doing the things they like to do. Mostly just to provide their physical needs and play with them. But as the kids get older and become more independent, I noticed that I tend to spend less time with them. It is no longer enough to provide them their physical needs but I need to provide for their emotional needs as well.

I need to become more intentional when I spend time with them. Here are some important reminders in speding time with your bigger kids:

Spending time with them now means turning off gadgets and really listening to them when they talk to me about anything and everything.

Answering  their questions honestly and asking questions to know what really interests your child and to know what they are really thinking.

Go on one-on-one dates with each child. Quality time is important and this can give your child opportunities to ask sensitive questions they may have.

Be there on their important moments. Whether it is a new poem, new invention, soccer game, ballet recital or whatever is important to them, support and encouragement is important and crucial at this stage of their life.

Learn together. Cook, sew, build, clean or make something together will help build the bond you share with your children.

Just when you thought you have parenting figured out, you will realize that your children is entering another phase in their life. We as parents should continue to grow with them and be sensitive to these changes. 

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