House Renovation Project

Because I stay at home for long periods of time every day, I notice every corner of the hose more than my husband does. I see the different areas of the house and I daydream of the time when we can finally have our house renovated! We are not the first owners of this house and when we bought it 9 years ago, we didn’t have extra money for any major house renovation. We just had the tiles changed, the house repainted and the bathroom fixed. Now, after almost a decade of living here. I believe that it is just the right time to plan for some house repairs and renovations.

In our kitchem area, I would like to have more countertop areas. Just like the kitchen countertops minneapolis that I saw. I would like to change our tiles to whole granite pieces. It would be easier to clean and would look more elegant. I would also like to reface the kitchen cabinets and add more shelves too.

photo (17)This is a picture of our current kitchen space and cabinet.

Another area that I would like to improve in our house would be our bathroom. We only have limited space in our bathroom and I would like to maximize that space. As I saw the bath showroon minneapolis, I realized that I can add a big mirror to make the area look bigger. I would also like to put some cabinets where we can put the toiletries and other bathroom stuff. I also want to upgrade our flush into the economical and environment friendly ones.

I would also like to create a house extension at the sides of our house. Right now the space  is not being utilized at all. I would like to use this space where we can park the bicycles and other miscellaneous things. Of course, we need to have our house repainted too. A section of the roof needs to be repaired and the windows should be replaced since a lot of them can’t be opened anymore.

House renovation is a big project but hopefully, we can plan and save up for this soon!

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