Mr. Peabody and Sherman

What’s the only thing harder than being the world’s most extraordinary dog? It is being an ordinary dad. Why am I questioning and answering such a thing? It is because I have just seen the trailer of the new Mr Peabody and Sherman trailer. Sincerely, it impressed me and if you would look I am pretty sure you would put this movie on your 2014 watch list.

Brought to us by the DreamWorks Animation and the creator of “The Lion King”, the new animated comedy “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” tells us the story of a dog that was the greatest scientist and at the same time the greatest dad in the world. Mr. Peabody is a talking canine that has lots of huge achievements, such as a Nobel Prize for peace and a doctoral degree in some dog science. Besides, he also knows how to have fun. This dog invented the fist bump, Zumba, and planking. The greatest of all his inventions is the WABAC time machine. Together with his son, Sherman, they travel in time and witness the incredible history by getting involved in it.

As the story goes, Sherman does not listen to his dad and in an attempt to conquer the heart of his crush, Penny, he shows her the WABAC and they travel to the Ancient Egypt. The time travel is now used improperly and Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Penny have to rewrite the history, in order to save the universe.

The amazing story about the weirdest time traveler in the world is going to totally impress you and make you laugh. There are no more movies that can show you how the world’s most extraordinary dog is trying his best to be an ordinary dad. Mr. Peabody & Sherman, teaches us history and it shows us how valuable are the family relationships.

This March, the animated movie “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” hits the theaters. Do no miss the chance to explore the past and witness how Mr. Peabody rewrites the history of our civilization. Dive into an amazing adventure, using the WABAC machine, next to the genius dog Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

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