Photographs and Memories

When I was just a high school student, I was aleady fond of taking pictures. In fact, I was the unofficial class photographer. I had copies of our school activities and outings. Perhaps, even while I was still young, I already wanted to preserve memories by capturing photos.

No wonder now that the digital age has arrived, I loved taking photos of my family. I even have them printed out because I love looking at old photos and flipping through photo albums since it brings back so many wonderful and precious memories.  I remember that I used to spend countless hours in front of the computer Scouting Camera Reviews so I can buy the best camera. After reading all those reviews , I did get a Canon DSLR and an iPhone  eventually.

Someday, when I am old and gray, I would have nothing but all these memories and thankfully, when my memory isn’t as sharp, all these photos will help me remember as I look back at my life.

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