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Our featured mom for this week is Ms. Thammie Sy of thammiesy.com. I began reading her blog many years back because of her posts on faith and parenting. I soon learned that she is the wife of a pastor and that they are a homeschooling family as well. It was just fitting to invite her to share her personal journey in homeschooling her kids.

Hi Thammie! I am honored to feature you today. Can you share more about yourself  and how your homeschool journey started?

I am Thammie Sy, a stay-at-home wife of a minister and mom of three (aged 8, 6, and 1 y/o).
I consider homeschooling a lifestyle and a lifetime journey, so I would say that I have been homeschooling since I gave birth to my eldest daughter—about eight years. I formally enrolled my two girls when they reached five years old.

Why did you choose to homeschool your children?

I always wanted to homeschool my children, even before I got married!

Character is paramount to our family, and we feel that homeschooling is one of the best ways we can influence our children and impart the things that are most important to us. My husband and I feel that we could best equip our children for a lifetime of true success through homeschooling—training them not just academically, but in all other essential areas of life as well.

I also really want to be able to enjoy my kids and spend as much time as I can with them while I still can. I know that in a few years, I would have to release them into the world. While they are under my care, I hope to be able to sharpen them and direct them where they should go, according to their bent.

What curriculum are you using with your child? 

I use different types of curricula for my children, according to what we find best fit their learning style and personality.

Honestly, most of the materials we’ve used over the years are a hodgepodge of those that were either borrowed, given to us, or those that I found on sale.

Initially, we weren’t sure of what would work for our children and we couldn’t afford to buy new materials just yet. As we go along, we discover more and more what each of our children prefer to use, and this helps us in deciding what curriculum to get the following school year.

Are you enrolled in a DepEd accredited homeschool provider or others? Which one?

We are currently enrolled with The Master’s Academy.

Until when do you plan to homeschool your children?

We take it one year at a time. If it were up to me, I would like to homeschool my children as long as I can.

Hopefully, they would want to continue being homeschooled, too! My eldest daughter just asked me yesterday if it was possible for me to homeschool her until college! A scary thought, but a good sign, I would say, that she is enjoying what we’re doing.

Deciding whether or not to continue with homeschooling our children would greatly be affected by whatever our goals are for that season.


Share one lesson you’ve learned over the years about homeschooling.

More than teaching the head, homeschooling is shepherding the heart.

I cannot give what I do not have. Whether it is knowledge or character, I must first have it me, before I can pass it on to my children.

That is truly worth remembering. Any other tips for other homeschooling moms?

Always remember that each child is different. Remembering this takes deliberate effort!

Each family is different. Though it is always good to ask around and get tips from other homeschooling families, your family’s needs are unique. It is ultimately YOUR homeschooling journey as a family.

Have one vision as a family and run with it. Being united is important! Always make sure that communication lines are open, and that expectations between every member of the family are communicated and managed properly.

Set goals that are clear and realistic. These goals will keep you focused and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

Keep it simple.

Have fun.

Thank you so much Thammie! God bless you, your family and your ministry. 

Read more from Thammie by following her at her blog thammiesy.com or her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ThammieSyOfficial . If you have any questions for Thammie, please leave a comment and we will try our best to respond.

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