Precious Girls Club Book Series

A few weeks ago, my sister gave my daughter a set of new books entitled Precious Girls Club.

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The writer of this series is Cindy Kenney, an award winning author and editor. She used to work as the senior managing editor of Big Idea Productions for more than 10 years. You would know Big Idea if you are a fan of VeggieTales! So when my daughter saw the books, she was excited to start reading them.

The series is for girls 6-11 years old. It celebrates the uniqueness of everyone and makes every girl precious in the eyes of God. There are different storylines in each book and the girls learn how to make a difference in the world.

My daughter loved the books! She highly recommends it to little girls.

If you are looking for stories that teaches values, visit Precious Moments store in Buendia Makati and get these books at very low prices!


  1. I am currently looking for story books for my second. I’ll definitely check this out. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Where did you get these books?? I have book 1, but would like to purchase the whole set.

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