Keeping Up With The Home Refrigerator


The refrigerator is the most vital part of any home kitchen. Cooking cannot be done without ingredients that are properly chilled to prevent spoiling, and homeowners must look after their refrigerators intently to make sure the unit is always in good working order. Checking each of the components listed below will help to keep the unit running, and necessary parts can be ordered to make quick work of needed repairs.


The refrigerator and freezer must be checked often to ensure the trays and interior walls of the unit are not freezing over with ice. When ice is forming inside the unit, there is a water leak or air leak that is allowing moisture to build on the walls of the unit. Homeowners must check the gaskets on the doors and look for small leaks.

The Lights

The lights inside a refrigerator and freezer must be looked after consistently. When the lights go out, it can be hard to find the right replacement bulb, but the light cannot be left out of commission. Moisture can build up on a light that is not operational, and further damage could occur.

Water Hoses

Water hoses inside the refrigerator and freezer are prone to breakage because of their small size. The water hoses are also hard to reach in some cases. This means that the homeowner must seek out the proper refrigerator parts and accessories to complete a repair. The homeowner may have to go so far as turning off the water to the unit and moving it to access the hoses. The hoses must be carefully replaced and checked for leaks before the refrigerator is put back into place.

Repairing the refrigerator can be a very easy job for every homeowner who is brave enough to take on the task. Homeowners who prefer to have their repairs done by a professional can contact a plumber and ask for help. Likewise, plumbers can order parts in bulk so that they have all the needed parts when they visit customers.

Keeping the refrigerator working is no small task, and keeping the food in the house from spoiling is important enough to make a proper investment in quality parts.

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  1. Good article, but as a provider of appliance replacement parts a few comments come to mind. Icing in the refrigerator problem can often be caused by leakage in gaskets, it is true, but defrost issues or improperly set thermostats can also produce this result. Also, while many repairs can be done by a homeowner, the refrigerator also has parts that require EPA licensing to repair. In the event that a repair person is needed, I would strongly recommend a call to a local professional appliance repair company, Todays appliances are fairly complex and plumbers are not generally trained in the servicing of todays high tech appliances. As a part person, I do get many “mommy” related requests for parts that can be installed by a home owner. Its not unusual for kids to break door retaining bars or shelves or drawers, all readily available and easily replaced. Again, contact your local professional appliance service company for help obtaining those parts.

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