3 Keys to Better Homeschooling

As we enter our 5th year in homeschooling, I remind myself of the lessons I’ve learned over the past years.

> Patience. Don’t be impatient when the system is not working. I need to adjust my style, the system I have in mind or just take a break to re-evaluate.

> Perseverance. It is important that we start out right but it is more crucial that we be faithful in doing what works and what is right for the family. Homeschooling is not easy and as the teacher-parent, I should keep on keeping on and not let discouragement overcome me.

> Prayer. The secret to homeschooling well lies on having spent time with the Lord daily and being able to pray, surrender and trust that the Lord will be with us in our journey.


As you start your own homeschooling journey this year, I pray that may these 3 keys guide you to a better homeschooling year.

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