Artificial Grass: Not What You Think!

When some people think of artificial grass, they may think of a material with the texture of Christmas tinsel and a color so fluorescently green that anyone can tell that it’s not real. But the technology of artificial grass has advanced to the point where it is indeed very hard to tell it from the real thing. The textures are lush and soft and the shades of green mimic those of real turf to a startling degree. The best thing of course is that artficial grass doesn’t have to be mown, watered or fertilized.

What It’s Made Of
Artificial grass, like that manufactured by Artificial Turf Supply, are often made of polyethylene or nylon. This makes them tough enough for play areas and playgrounds, and they can last for a very long time before showing signs of wear. At the same time, their lush softness guards against injuries. Indeed, these synthetic lawns are just the thing for running, jumping, falling and rolling over.

Installation and Maintenance
Another benefit of artificial grass is that it’s easy to install, and once it’s installed the property owner has an instant lawn. There is of course no waiting for seeds to germinate, and the lawn is ready to be used after the adhesive that bonds the seams is cured. This takes about 24 hours. Even if real grass sod is laid, it takes a couple of weeks of careful tending before the lawn will be ready to be used.

Maintenance of an artificial lawn is also easy. The lawn will keep it’s good looks if it’s cleaned every three months or so with a broom, rake or blower. This will clear the lawn of fallen leaves and flowers and other types of debris. It will also support the durability of the fibers.

If the lawn is going to be a playground for children and pets, spills are going to be inevitable. So it’s a good idea to make sure that any spills are cleaned up as soon as possible. This can be done with a garden hose and maybe a spray bottle of detergent. A garden hose or sprinkler system are also good to make sure that the grass stays cool when the weather is very hot. They also add to the fun.

Artificial grass is now esthetically pleasing as well as tough enough for energetic kids!

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