5 Tips to Increase Home Security Without Going Broke

For many people, home security is one of their top priorities. They want to keep their family and their possessions safe. Unfortunately, it seems like many security options cost much more than the average person can pay. Here are a few tips on how you can increase your home security without going broke.

1. Watch for Promotions

Security alarm installation and monitoring companies looking to drum up new business often offer promotional deals where you can get discounted rates for a few months. Others may provide free equipment and installation, saving you quite a bit of the initial cost. Keep an eye out for ads and notices from companies like Alarm Relay, and you could find that you’re able to significantly save on alarm monitoring.

2. Make it Look Like You’re Home

Most burglaries occur during the early afternoon and late morning — the times when most people are at work. Keep your second car parked in your driveway during the day or set a timer to turn on the TV throughout the morning. If it looks like someone is home during the day, most burglars won’t even bother.

3. Install Outside Lighting

Make it easy for you to see anyone outside. This can be as simple as installing a front porch light, but you can also line your sidewalk with lights and make sure there aren’t a lot of trees or bushes lowering visibility. Motion-detecting lights are a great option here, and they’re not terribly expensive. The clear message you are sending to burglars is, “You can’t hide on my front lawn.”

4. Put Up Warning Signs

“Beware of dog” signs are a great way to scare off potential burglars. Even if you don’t have a dog, you can create the illusion. Go one step further by leaving a dog bowl outside the door. No burglar wants to deal with loud or dangerous pets, so most of the time they will just pass you by.

5. Be Smart Online

Don’t post on social media about when you’re going to be on vacation or anything else that indicates no one’s home right now. If your heart just sank a little at not being able to post pictures during your vacation, at least make sure your privacy settings are cranked up to their highest setting so nobody but your friends can see it — and then don’t add people you don’t know!

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