Please Your Customers and Ship Properly with Custom Printed Tape

As an online seller, you know that reputation matters. Auction sites and classified ad sites let you sell to people from all around the world, and you need to properly package each item to ensure that it arrives in good condition. Bubble tape, wrapping paper and strong cardboard boxes can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of those items, but you also need some tape to keep those items wrapped and those boxes sealed. Custom printed tape lets you customize the packing tape that you use with the name of your company or an image or design of your choosing.

Choosing the Right Color

When you purchase printed packing tape, you need to pick a color first. The background color of that tape will catch the eye of customers and make them pay attention to the special methods you used to pack their purchases. Yellow, green and red are some of the more eye-catching colors now available, but you can also buy tape with background shades of blue, black white and some lighter pastel colors too. The tape is strong enough to keep your boxes sealed during the shipping process and colorful enough to delight your customers.

Types of Tape

There are several different types of tape that you can choose from when creating your own custom designs. Polypropylene tape is a strong and durable design, but you can easily cut through the tape with scissors or a knife to cut strips large or small enough for your boxes. PVC tape uses a natural rubber adhesive that keeps it from peeling away from different surfaces, making it a good choice for both the inside and outside of your boxes. You’ll also find specialty masking tape, gummed tape and other types of packing tape.

Customizing Your Design

As long as you have your design saved on your computer, you’re only minutes away from ordering the perfect customized tape for your business. Confidential Packing is just one of the websites that let shoppers customize packing tape and other types of tape. Use the contact page to find the company’s email address and send an email with your design attached in either an .ai or .eps file. After receiving your order, the company will print your design on the tape you choose and mail it right to your home. Shop custom printed tape or design your own customized tape for your business today.

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