Homeschool Help: Fun Math Enrichment Activities

Math is a subject where consistent practice is necessary to master the subject matter. Worksheets, workbooks and math labs provide my child the needed exercises to master the different areas of mathematics. But once in a while, we would do activities where math becomes a part of life.

Pretend play. Just recently, I asked my son to pretrend that he is selling books and we used play money to buy books from him. He enjoyed the role playing and giving us the change needed from every transaction. He had to add and add then subtract so he knows how much he needed to give us.

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Board Games. We love playing board games together as it allows us to spend time with each other and do something together as a family without using any technology gadgets. There are several board games which helps my kids hone their math skills without them knowing it. Monopoly, Let’s Go Shopping, 7 Ate 9 and Math Bingo are some of the Math board games we use.

Baking and cooking. Preparing dishes uses math! I involve the kids while I prepare their lunch so they learn to apply  measurements and fractions in preparing the ingredients. It is like hitting two birds with one stone as they also learn a basic life skill as they learn about baking and cooking.

Math doesn’t have to be just worksheets. Make Math ¬†fun and your kids will appreciate it better!

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