Reduce Sickness This Cold Season

As the warmer months come to an end, and school is back in session, family members will begin to get sick. However, by using a few tips, the home will have less viruses and bacteria in it, which will drastically reduce the amount of family members who get sick in the colder months. 

Many people don’t think that cleaning the carpet can help to keep the family well, but how clean a carpet is makes a huge difference in terms of a family’s health. Although viruses may not live as long on carpet fibers as they would on more solid materials, allergens and dust mite fecal matter in carpet can create an environment that can cause family members to get sick more often. When allergens are present in the home, people suffer from allergies. The human body cannot distinguish the difference between an allergen and a virus, and it goes into attack to fight the allergens present in the body. This causes the immune system to become weaker, and catching a cold or other sickness becomes a greater possibility. Regular carpet cleaning in Ajax and Toronto rug cleaning helps to reduce allergens in the home. 

Regular cleaning, such as wiping down door handles and other common areas that people frequently touch reduces the possibilities of transmitting viruses and bacteria to one another. Avoiding all sicknesses is not possible, but with regular cleaning of the home and encouraging good hygiene practices, the family will experience less sicknesses. 

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