Aspects of Healing: Mind, Body and Spirit


For many people, healing is all about the medicine. They connect illness with a physical ailment and seek guidance and prescription medications to manage pain or eliminate the condition. While these remedies have traditionally soothed sickness, they cannot always address the full spectrum of needs that arise when the body needs care. A visit to a conventional physician will not always give someone who is ailing what he needs for the spirit.

Although some doctors have recognized the vital connections between the body, body and spirit and acknowledge that comprehensive care should address all of these needs, there are still some who are skeptical. They do not understand the importance of using the healing power of the spirit through positive thinking and faith in a higher power. In some cases, those who are ill have attributed their recover to an ability to believe they ultimately will recover.

Many also do not relate healing to the non-toxic measures that those who are ill can take to reverse a health condition. Changes in diet, exercise and other alternative therapies can do the work of healing without the use of toxic chemicals in the body. Often a synthetic drug used to cure one condition can trigger the onset of many others. The key to a full recovery is minimizing the toxic substances ingested while sick.

A range of alternate techniques is available for those who wish to take a different path than conventional medicine. Sometimes, complete healing will require a combination of resources. Every healing path is unique, and every person has to choose the best path for himself.

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