Our Writing Curriculum Journey

As we have homeschooled over the past 6 years, we have tried different writing curriculum. When my daughter was in grades 1-3, we kept using Voyages in English since this curriculum have grammar and writing in it. I noticed that my daughter was able to follow the grammar lessons but when asked to write, she wouldn’t be able to write nice sentences at all and sometimes, would even dread writing.

It was during this time that a friend lent us their copy of Writing With Ease and my daughter loved it. It was all narration, copywork and dictation but because everything came from good literature, we had a great time doing it!

We also got to try Sonlight Language Arts for a year and she had a blast! Though there weren’t really much writing expected from her from that curriculum. It mainly consists of copywork, narration and dictation. We also were able to read through several great books and use those as our guide for our grammar lessons.

Then we tried to use Write Shop. It was a writing curriculum filled with fun activities and though I think it was a fun program, it didn’t fit the need of my daughter. It was during this time of praying and looking around that a friend lent me her copy of Julie Bogart’s The Writer’s Jungle. It was an awesome book and it really helped open my options about writing. It changed my perspective about writing and gave really cool tips that we used in our household. It helped ease my relationship with my daughter and changed my expectations from her and I noticed that it helped her to relax as well eventually enabling her to write better.

As we approached 6th grade, we got Writing With Skill from Susan Wise Bauer to help her write better technically. I was hesitant at first but I was very happy with the results. My daughter who was once a reluctant writer is now able to write better and quite interestingly too. We are still continuing with Writing With Skill this coming 7th grade.



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