Fun Activities to Stay Cool With Your Kids on a Hot Day

Enjoying yourself on a hot summer day can seem almost impossible when you’re outside with your kids. Between the sun beating down in the sky, the high humidity and the sweat dripping off your face, you may want nothing more than to retreat back to the AC. With some fun and simple activities, you can stay cool all day long and keep your kids cool at the same time as you have fun together.

Swim Races

Splashing around in your swimming pool is a lot of fun on a hot day, but it can be even more fun when you host swimming races. You can use the ordinary streamers found in party supply stores to create the lanes that each person follows during the race. Check party stores for medals and prizes that you can hand out, or make your own on your home computer. Let the kids race to see who can swim the most laps in the shortest period of time or who can swim a certain distance the fastest. Pass out awards to all the winners. The Big Tick and similar companies can inspect your pool and ensure that it’s ready for the hot season.

Water Gun Assassin

Water gun assassin is a fun game that you can play with both kids and adults. Put the names of all players in a hat or bowl. Ask each player to draw a name. If a player draws his or her own name, put the name back in and draw again. Give each player a water gun and a set amount of time to hide somewhere outside the house. Players must then sneak up on the person they drew from the bowl and tag that individual with the water gun. The loser hands over his or her name to the assassin. Whoever is still standing at the end is the winner.

Make Ice Cream

You don’t need to spend money on an expensive ice cream machine just to make your own ice cream on a hot day. There are a number of recipes that you can find online for making your own ice cream base. All you need after making the base are a few plastic bags, ice and rock salt. Mix the ice and rock salt inside one bag, pour the base inside a smaller bag and firmly close. Insert the smaller bag inside the bag of salt and ice, and shake until the mixture becomes the texture of ice cream. You can store any extra in the freezer.

Water Balloon Races

When you have a number of kids over at your house, organize them into teams for a water balloon race. Fill ordinary balloons with cold water, place buckets on one side of the yard and have teams wait on the other side of the yard. When time starts, teams race across the yard and try to pop one balloon at a time over the bucket. The winning team is the one who fills their bucket the fastest.

Why stay inside and under the AC this summer? Water balloon races, water gun assassin and other fun activities help you beat the heat and have some fun with your kids as you cool off in your yard.

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