3 Practical Reasons to Keep Up On Home Air Filtration

Replacing filters in the home ventilation and air conditioning system is one of those things every home owner needs to do. Unfortunately, not everyone pays attention to these simple replacements. And it’s often the smallest things that can lead to greater issues later on.

Here are three practical reasons why everyone should put air filters on their to-do lists. Whether it’s to prepare the home for the winter or doing some spring cleaning, home air filtration is a vital component to a healthy home.

Keeping the Air Quality Good

The quality of the air you breathe is quite influential in terms of health. If you have children in the home, many start out with asthma problems at a young age. Poor air quality makes it even worse. Unless the house is hermetically sealed, you will need to filter out external elements in the air.

Dust, allergens, pet dander and even mold spores are common in many households. Keeping the filtration system clean and optimized greatly reduces risks of asthma attacks and may also contribute to improved sleeping patterns.

Reducing Energy Bills

The more efficient the HVAC system is, the less power it uses. One of the most prevalent ways to save money in these energy costs is to keep the filters clean.

Air conditioner and heating systems pull air in to distribute a temperate climate throughout the house. If not enough air is coming in, it takes these systems longer to cool or heat the home. As a result, the unit is running more often than it needs. This means it requires more energy, which usually translates to extra costs.

Fewer Repairs of Equipment

A unit that is constantly running doesn’t only impact your monthly bills in terms of costs. More wear and tear will eventually lead to extra repairs at a later date. Like any other unit in the home, preventative measures keep overall repairs down.

Every piece of hardware has a finite lifespan, and keeping the filters replaced means the unit experiences less use. Considering how expensive it is to repair HVAC systems, a clean filter is a much cheaper alternative.

Most filters are easily replaceable regardless of the system. In many instances, it may take less than a minute to swap sterile air filters with new ones. Promote a happier and healthier home by making sure your HVAC system is in prime condition starting with the air it uses.

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