3 Nightlight Ideas for Your Young Teen’s Bedroom Décor

Remember when your toddler needed a nightlight to fall asleep and keep those big, bad boogeymen at bay? Well, truth be told, your young teen probably feels the same way—only more embarrassed about it. Teens feel that they should be grown-ups, to face the dark without fear or apprehension. But even adults can be afraid of the dark and need a nightlight.

If your young teen needs a nightlight to soothe them to sleep in the evenings, here are a few cool ideas that make them feel safe, secure, and a little less embarrassed about their phobia.

Twinkling Fairy Lights Above the Bed and Around the Window Frames

Fairy lights come in a handful of beautiful colors—kind of like Christmas lights, but softer to be conducive to relaxation, calm, and peace. Commonly in strings, some fairy lights are battery-powered, where others need a plug-in outlet to work. Hang these around the top of the bed, about 2-feet above the pillows. Or, hang them around the window frames, as the light will bounce off of the curtains and create a cast of luminescence.

Color-Changing Touch Lamps

These are lots of fun for kids and adults alike. When you touch the lamps, they change colors, so teens can set their nightlights for their favorite, most soothing tones. Or, they can hold the base for a few minutes to make the lamps alternate between colors all night, like a light of calming rainbows.

Solar-Powered Nightlights Next to the Window

These nightlights are must-haves for teens that don’t want to think about needing to switch on a nightlight. Small and often in cute, colorful shapes, these lights can be placed next to a window during the day. The sunshine charges them up, then they glow in full force throughout the night.

Solar-powered lighting is also an option on the outside of a teen’s window, in case they want a subtle glow without a glare directly in their bedroom. Check out outdoor lighting Jacksonville, or wherever you may be, for solar-powered options that would be perfect for an impromptu nightlight.

Nightlights can be for everyone, because there’s no shame in being weary of the dark. Encourage your teen to feel more comfortable with nightlights that match the coolness of their current bedroom décor.

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