Finding the Right Private School for Your Child

So you’ve decided to send your child to private school. That was the easy part. With a nearly limitless number of learning environments, teaching styles and educational philosophies, the harder part is narrowing the search down to just the right school. These key steps may make the process less daunting.

Know Your Child’s Needs

Talk to your child and figure out what he likes most about her current school day. Also determine what type of learner he or she is. What are his strengths and interests? How does she learn best? Does he like more or less structure in the classroom? Understanding how exactly your child learns best, and what will help her flourish, is a key step to finding the right school setting.

Know Your Family’s Needs

Maybe distance is no option, and you’re willing to commute for the right school. Perhaps something closer by works best for everyone. Some families prefer to have an active role in their child’s day. If so, find private schools in redmond wa that welcome parental involvement. Consider tuition as well, and which schools offer financial aid or scholarships, if needed.

Visit Potential Schools 

Once you’ve figured out the type of school you want, the next step is visiting. School tours give families the chance to observe students and teachers in action. Do the kids look engaged? Do the teachers and other parents seem welcoming and approachable? A tour is a great way to see if you and your child will be happy members of the community.

Start Applying

Your careful research should leave you with a short list, which you can then rank in order. Applying to multiple schools may be a safe bet, and doing so early is key. Private schools may decide on admissions for the following academic calendar between fall and mid-winter of the current school year.

Finding a private school may seem overwhelming at first, but if you understand your needs and make an informed decision, the right school may be just around the corner.

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