Following Jesus Faithfully

Whenever we read the Bible or listen to a preaching, do we actually take it to heart? Do we take time to ponder, meditate and reflect on what we have learned when we get home? Do we actually take time during the week to check our hearts or align ourselves to the Word of God? Or are we just reading the Word or go to Sunday services so we can check our to-do list?

Following Jesus Faithfully requires more than just listening to His Word or reading or attending services – we need to receive God’s Word into our heart and take action as the Word directs us. Being receptive to God’s Word means allowing the Word to change us from the inside out. 

We must not allow the circumstances of this world to harden our hearts and become indifferent to the Word of God. Let us take time to listen to His Word, and let His Word penetrate the deepest parts of our hearts. We must believe that God is at work in us as He disciplines us, moulds us to become the person He has purposed for us to be. 

Following Jesus faithfully Is not easy but it is the key to bearing fruit in out lives. Let us take care of our faithfulness and God will take care of our fruitfulness. 

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