Remember These 3 Tips When Moving During COVID-19

Even though the coronavirus quarantine has stopped several activities, there are some you cannot delay like moving. Whether you are going to a big house in the suburbs or a 1 bedroom luxury apartment in peter cooper village, you need to make special arrangements to avoid endangering yourself and others. Follow these tips to reduce the risk factor as much as possible.

1. Learn the Guidelines

Information is the greatest asset you have during these times. When you contact a moving company, ask them about their specific quarantine guidelines. This practice will help you prepare for the process. Additionally, if you are moving to a new community, research the local rules so you know what you can and cannot do within the area. Finally, see the CDC’s recommendations to have a general idea on what to do.

2. Think About Others

When you move into a new community, you would normally be welcomed by most people and spend a large amount of time socializing. However, the pandemic has restricted social interactions. Avoid disappointment early and change your expectations regarding your social life for the next several months. If people do greet you, avoid direct contact and keep a distance of at least six feet.

3. Disinfect Your Belongings

While the moving team will be taking precautions during the process, you still have to clean and disinfect surfaces before you unpack. Use cleaning and sanitizing products on surfaces you will touch frequently such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets and others. Once you finish with the living space, move on to certain belongings as you unpack them, especially if you will be using them often. Research the local government’s rules on recycling and disposal for your packing materials.

Moving is not completely halted by the coronavirus, but there are still restrictions you must follow to avoid risking anyone’s health. Do the necessary research and prepare for any changes resulting from the pandemic.

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