11th Grade Curriculum

10 years of homeschooling has passed us by – my daughter is about to start her 11th year homeschooling. This is her first year in Senior High School and we have decided to keep homeschooling under Homeschool Global using the WCFS (Wellspring Christian Family School) US accreditation track. We are quite excited as to what the Lord will bring this year.

Here are the materials we plan to use:

Bible: Bible Truths E from BJU Perss
English Literature: American Literature from BJU Press, Biographies and other novels as recommended by Sonlight
Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots D
English Grammar: AOP Lifepac English 11
Science: Apologia Marine Biology
Social Studies: History of US Series
Math: Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2
Electives: Consumer Math
Electives: Apologia General Science
Electives: French through Rosetta Stone
Arts: Art Workshop which includes architecture drawing, realistic drawings
Music: Classical Piano training
Physical Education: Looking for possible materials to use

Aside from all these academic and workshops, I pray that my daughter will be able to learn a bit more about arts since this is what she wants to take up in college.


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