3 Important Topics To Discuss With Any Child Care Facility

There is nothing more important than the well being of your children, especially when you must entrust them to a child care facility while you work. Below are three extremely important topics to discuss with potential child care or daycare facilities before you start sending your babies or children to their institution.


The most important topic to discuss with a child care facility is their plan to keep all of the children in their care safe. A child care facility with security entrance Fairport NY will only allow adults with specified access to enter the building, let alone pick up a child. Many facilities require special keys, codes, or identification checks when dropping off or picking up a child. Be certain to ask about their emergency operations, such as what they do in the event of a natural disaster or a necessary evacuation. A great child care center will have contingency plans for any emergency.


Child care or daycare is not meant to be glorified babysitting. Many places offer a very specific curriculum based on their center’s mission statement. The classrooms are usually divided by age groups, so rest assured the curriculum will grow as your little one grows. Before committing to a facility, look carefully at their child care based curriculum. From foreign languages to computer skills, your child will learn new skills with their peers and hopefully have a great time doing it.


Ask a school-aged child what their favorite time of day is and the answer will probably be recess. Little ones in daycare should have a variety of choices when it comes to playtime and free time because playing is their learning. Besides a plethora of toys and a playground, many child care facilities offer extracurricular activities, like dance classes, sports practices, and music lessons. Ask about seasonal activities too, like water games in the summer and holiday pageants in December.

Discussing security, curriculum, and playtime options with child care facilities will ensure that you select the best possible care for your child at any age.

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