3 Ways To Make Sunday School Fun for Kids

Every Sunday school teacher wants kids to be attentive as they learn about the Bible. Often lessons fall into a predictable routine of storytelling followed by crafts. Kids love variety, fun and spontaneity. Mixing up the activities and doing things differently will get their attention. Here are three ways to liven up your Sunday school lessons.

1. Play a Game

A game is a great way to get kids involved in a lesson because they love friendly competition. Spend a bit of prep time to look up Bible trivia questions and answers that would appeal to the age group you teach. On Sunday, split the class into two groups and hold a quiz show with silly prizes for the winners.

2. Go in Character

A fun way to introduce kids to a new person in the Bible is to become the character for them. Dress like the person and introduce yourself to the students as they arrive in the classroom. Tell them a little about yourself and if possible, bring in a few props that person used, such as five small stones and a slingshot for the Old Testament character of David. Encourage the kids to ask questions and answer them as authentically as you can while staying in character.

3. Get Outside

A lot of the action in the Bible happens outdoors so move the lesson outside if the weather is good. Kids will love the break in the customary meeting time and the chance to be out of the classroom. Standing in front of a tree while teaching about how Zacchaeus climbed one for a better view of Jesus drives the point home. If your church has a garden, take the class there to read about Jesus’ time in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Try these three ideas to break out of a typical Sunday school class routine and add variety, fun and spontaneity to your lessons!


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