4 Animals That Are Cute But Destructive

If you’re a homeowner with a backyard, it’s only a matter of time until you begin to see signs of wildlife. Even if you live in an urban setting, you’re not immune to city critters popping in to say hi. While some of these animals are truly adorable, they can also be deceptively destructive. Here are three examples of cute-as-a-button creatures that can be very damaging to your property if given free reign.


There’s no need to explain why you don’t want a skunk lurking around your property, but besides the obvious, skunks can wreak havoc on your yard. While no one disputes a skunk’s cuteness, they love grubs and will dig some pretty nasty holes under the cover of night. Since you never want to get near a skunk, it’s best to have animal control Chester PA trap and relocate them.


Chipmunks definitely rate high on the adorable scale making it so hard to believe they can do so much damage. Like other rodents, a chipmunk’s teeth never stop growing and that means they never stop chewing. Chipmunks destroy stone walls, foundations and wires. They also love to dig holes in your yard, so as charming as they are, you’ll need to ask your little friend to pack his bags.


Squirrels sure are lovable and it seems like there’s a million of them! While you may enjoy all the antics of your backyard “regular”, a squirrel might get closer than you’d like. Squirrels are notorious for finding ways inside a home and once they do, watch out. Squirrels can destroy your attic, chew wires and build nests. If you hear scampering in the attic, you may have a squirrel and you’ll need help to remove it.

Cuddly Animals

Too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad thing, even when it comes from seemingly cuddly animals. If you’ve noticed holes throughout your yard, scurrying in your attic or the smell of a skunk, call a professional before serious damage is done.

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