5 Tips to Manage Anxiety Disorders

Some of the most well-known mental health conditions out there are anxiety disorders. People who suffer from anxiety have to deal with random spikes of uneasy and nervous feelings. In some cases, these can get physically uncomfortable. When it is more severe, anxiety can lead to strong physical sensations and even panic attacks. When people feel anxious, the world can feel like a scary place. Even the most normal situations can make you feel in danger as your mind overthinks the worst-case scenario. If anxiety is affecting your daily routine and you need some advice on how to manage it, here are five tips to get you started.

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Take Deep Breaths
When we start to feel anxious, our body will activate its ‘fight or flight’ response which is how the body protects itself in dangerous situations. This is useful when you are under attack, but it is not something you want to feel when carrying out daily tasks. Taking slow, deep breaths (like you are blowing up a balloon), is known to settle our bodies down during anxious moments. You should do this three times.

Question Your Thoughts
Our minds can easily play tricks on us and our thoughts can become distorted, especially when we are suffering from anxiety. Before you accept things that go wrong or make you feel bad during your day, you should stop and question what you are thinking. You should ask yourself whether the thought is a fact, or if it is just an option. This may help you realize that you are getting anxious for no reason.

Try It Out
In most cases, when we get anxious about something it is because we have predicted a negative scenario in our heads about what could happen. However, it is important to remember that these thoughts are just a prediction. It can be easy to shrug off a scenario because you overthink it too much. However, if you don’t try out a prediction, then you will never know the outcome.

Stop Avoiding Things
Anxiety makes things feel uncomfortable and can lead to people avoiding a situation that they are fearing, because it will stop them from having to deal with any anxiety related feelings. Once you get into this habit, it can be easy to reach a point where you avoid more and more situations that make you feel anxious. Instead, you should face your fear by breaking it down into several small steps.

Accept Your Disorder
Accepting your anxiety disorder is the first step to getting better. You need to remember that you are not alone as anxiety disorders – affect roughly 19% of U.S. adults. This emotion is uncomfortable and is hard to get rid of, but when you help yourself and reach out to others, it will pass and improve over time. You should never accept it, especially if its long-term, and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for support.

Once you learn how to manage anxiety, every day will become easier and more enjoyable. You will feel like a better and happier person as your behavior improves and you start living your life again.

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