Mommy and Me Monday at Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant

We had a great dinner with my family at Taoyuan Chinese Restaurant 2 Sunday nights ago.

Mommy and Me Monday #17

This was taken after my daughter’s ballet recital a few days ago! We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. You can read about her recital on my post about our little ballerina. I am so happy that she did well !

Mommy and Me Monday : Family Time at Newport Mall

A few weeks ago, we went to Newport Mall with my family, my sister and my parents.

The mall was really sophisticated.
We also got to watch Kaos, a musical show with modern circus acts!

The family had a wonderful experience!

Mommy and Me Monday : Family Time at Tagaytay

The family went to Tagaytay City and the kids had some outdoor fun!
Here are some family shots 🙂

Mommy and Me Monday : Family Time at Crosswinds

We were invited to visit a place in Tagaytay last week…
It was really nice!

We had an awesome family bonding time 🙂