My Journey to Hand Lettering

I have always loved hand lettering since I was in college. So this year, I am hoping that I will have more time to express creativity through hand lettering.

I have seen this book, ABCs of Hand Lettering by Abbey Sy, through Instagram a few months ago and have actively been looking for it at bookstores but couldn’t find it as it was always out of stock. Thankfully, my sister was able to get me a copy already!

This weekend, I browsed through the entire book and am so excited to be able to practice my hand lettering skills once again.

Here’s looking forward to more artsy letters from me in the coming months!


Giving Better Personalized Gifts Through New Technologies

People love personalized gifts. The only problem with them is that they are not always of the highest quality. Sure, you can get something monogrammed and it will look professional if you go to someone with experience. What we are talking about, however, are personalized photograph items. Many people go to their local store to print off their gifts and they are not always given to you at the highest quality. I know several people who have been disappointed after picking up their personalized photo gifts because they simply expected more. The colors may be off a little bit or the pixels are visible (and you should never be able to see them unless you are a professional altering them in the studio). So where should you turn to for your personalized gifts?

Finding Professionals For Your Photographs

People know that if they want to have high quality pictures taken, they need to go to a photographer. Why then do people take those photos and print them at a local store instead of a professional? The pictures were taken by an expert so they should also be printed by an expert. What many people do not know is that local places like that with many people ordering prints daily do not have the time to ensure that the colors are right for the specific photograph. Every photo is different. The same goes if you are printing personalized photograph gifts. Great care needs to be taken to print these items. For that, you need to find an expert photo lab.

You can find an expert photo lab, like Black River Imaging, by searching online. Many of these places will allow you to upload your files straight from your computer and mail you the fine art prints right to your front door. You will get high quality prints without have to go anywhere but the internet. These companies take the time to ensure that your photo is printed at the highest quality and that you will be happy with the outcome. Many even offer personalized gift printing as well.

Your photos are special to you. You took the time to get them professionally done. Take the time to find a professional printer so that you get the full package. You will be so happy that you found an expert printer for all of your memories.

Mommy Moments – Mommy’s Hobby

mommy moments

For the past themes, we have always focused on our children but for this month. We know much about the kids but barely know the mom behind so hopefully through this month’s themes, we shall get to know more about each other in a fun way! 🙂
Our theme today is about mommy’s hobby. So if you are not taking care of your kids and you are not doing work, how do you spend your free time?

We all know that blogging is one of our past times, aside from blogging, tweeting and FB, what do you enjoy doing the most? I love to read books. Even before I got married, I had been a book worm. I usually read fiction before but as I grew, I now read inspirational books. Sometimes, I also read parenting books.

I am also an avid postcard collector! I have been collecting postcards for the past 15 years though I stopped when I moved houses 7 years ago, I have started to actively collect postcards again this year. I have created a separate blog for this hobby of mine

If I have some more time, I love to watch good TV series. I sometimes watch Korean and Taiwanese series but it is not very often. I usually follow some American TV series like Criminal Minds, Chuck, Nikita and CSI. I am also currently watching a local series called Amaya…

I can’t wait to read your posts! Happy mommy moments!


Scrapbook and Photobooks

I admit. I am not an artsy person. Since I was a child, I have often tried to create artworks but they don’t end up being nice at all. Now that I am an adult, I still can’t create nice looking scrap albums. I remembered that I wanted to learn how to do scrapbooks more creatively when I had my first child 7 years ago… I tried to make a scrapbook for her but I actually was not very satisfied with the way it turned out.

I am glad that nowadays, there are digital scrapbooks available online. Smilebox scrapbook is one of them. Instead of thinking of the designs, I can use Smilebox scrapbook online and choose the existing neat designs. I think instead of the usual photo prints that I make, I will keep making some neat scrapbooks or photobooks online and have them delivered.

This is actually a therapeutic activity for me. Looking back at the year that has been and compiling the photos into one book makes me realize how blessed I have been and what great memories God has blessed me with over the year.

Postcard Exchange Project : Writing on the Postcards

We sent out many postcards last week!
Kyla wrote on the different postcards we sent… She has a special note for each!
Hope the recipients will like the cards and receive them soon!

This is my entry for this week’s postcard exchange.