On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018 Plenary Talks

This is our 9th year homeschooling, yet it never gets easier. Each year brings its own share of excitement as the new school year brings hope that routines will be established and goals will be achieved. Along with all these excitement, it also brings fear, fear of the unknown and not reaching goals and fears of inadequacy. 

The timing of this year’s Philippine Homeschool Convention by Educating for Life  was perfect as it ushered our last week of vacation and as I was planning for our new school year. My children will be in 9th grade and 6th grade respectively. 

Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018 was quite different from the past conferences as there were 9 plenary speakers and 3 breakout sessions. I was actually glad that there weren’t too many options for the breakout sessions as I always didn’t know which ones I should choose.

On this post, I will share with you all I’ve learned from the plenary speakers.

The first speaker was Cassandra Shepherd. Her talk was entitled You Can Homeschool. She shared her personal experiences being a homeschool parent and how a parent can definitely homeschool her own children. My main take away from this talk is that, it is important for the family to have a vision for homeschooling, because this vision will bring clarity for the things you need to do and to stay within that vision. 

Jayson Lo is a well-known inspirational and motivational speaker. He shared about “homeschooling with a vision”. There are 3Cs which we should build in our homeschool families. CULTURE, CHARACTER and COMPETENCE. Having a growth mindset is of great importance as homeschooling is actually a journey. He also called his 10 year old daughter on stage and she shared about how different she and her sister are and yet the parents can homeschool them effectively.

Michelle Padrelanan is part of the EFL team who organizes the yearly homeschool conferences for the homeschooling community. She has been one of the first people who I asked about homeschooling 9 years ago and it is truly inspiring every time I hear her stories. She shared about her valley and mountaintop experiences as a homeschool parent. She also gave us this acronym to remember:
K now your goals
E ntrust your children to the Lord
E nlist help when needed
P ray

ONwards not backwards.  

Dr. Teresa Moon is  a veteran homeschooling mom, founder of Institute for Cultural Communicators, author and homeschool curriculum writer and speaker at major U.S. homeschool conventions. She addressed the issue of being overly busy. She reminded us that “We gain more time by doing less and gain more energy by loving the less we do.” She also shared 3 Cs which can help us in our homeschooling journey.




The next speaker is Laksmi Maluya. She is the owner of Gopala Learning Haven. She is homeschooled herself and also homeschooled her own children. She shared her personal journey and her advocacy now. Her daughter Vishnu also shared her personal homeschool journey. It was definitely encouraging to listen to her as she was articulate and very confident and very inspirational!

Another example of a homeschooler who actively does her part in saving the environment is Lia Cua. At the young age of 12, she already champions the Earth Crew Kids. She shared how she started Earth Crew Kids and why she does what she does. It is inspiring to know that kids with proper guidance can become productive members of our society.

The next speaker, Rienzie Biolena, shared why it is important to teach financial literacy to children. We don’t want our children to grow up unskilled in this area. He also shared some tips which parents can use to teach about financial literacy to their kids. 

Having a child with special needs can be challenging and Jen Bellosillo shared her own journey of homeschooling her child with special needs. Her talk was an eye-opener for me. If I thought homeschooling was already hard with my own children, it must have been harder to homeschool children with special needs. After the talk, I was just glad how God guided the family to successfully homeschool their child. 

The last speaker was Camille Paguio. She is currently the president of Rotary Club of Alabang Lampara. She’s a product of homeschooling. She shared her personal journey and how homeschooling was able to help her battle depression during her high school years. She also was able to take care of her mom through challenging times. She shared that one’s uniqueness can contribute to the society. She is truly an inspiration and a living proof that homeschooliing works!

I really liked that the different speakers only had limited time each because this allowed them to speak with intentionality and majority of them were really concise and straight to the point. It made the morning very exciting and worth attending!

I was truly grateful that I was able to attend this convention and I went home inspired and on fire for another homeschooling school year!

Watch out for my next post about the breakout sessions.

On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018


On Fire! draws its inspiration from the quotation “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” from Greek biographer and essayist Plutarch.  This is theme for the Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018. As a homeschooling mom, I have learned that when my children are passionate about something, they pursue it with all their heart so this year’s theme is an exciting one for all parents who seek to ignite the passion in the hearts of their children to dream, to hope and to challenge them to become who they are meant to be! Educating for Life, the convention organizers, believe we are all called to make a difference in our world and together, we can inspire each other in doing this through the upcoming #PHC2018!

On Fire! Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018 will happen on Sept 22 at SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Taguig City. The rates are :

* Early bird rate – Full access (With access to plenary talks, breakout sessions and expo)- P1000 per participant
* Expo only ticket – P100 per person
* Walk-in and on-site payment rate – Full access – P1200 per participant
* Kids 3 and below are free (lap seating only)


“You Can Homeschool!” by Cassandra Shepherd

In this inspirational session, veteran homeschooler Cassandra Shepherd will inspire homeschoolers who are in the early stages of their journey and encourage those who are already in the trenches.

Read Cassandra Shepherd’s profile online here.


“Homeschooling With a Vision” by Jayson Lo

Homeschooling begins with a family vision. It will be what will get you started and what will keep you going. It serves as an anchor for days when you wonder why you are homeschooling (and are tempted to stop altogether!). Homeschooling dad and motivational speaker Jayson Lo will inspire participants to craft their vision for their family as they begin their homeschooling journey (or revisit it if they’re already homeschooling), and stay true to it as they continue homeschooling.

Read Jayson Lo’s profile online here.


“Homeschooling Through the Mountains and Valleys of Life” by Michelle Padrelanan

Homeschooling is not about doing school at home. It’s a lifestyle. It involves the whole family. Sometimes, you experience “highs;” other times, you’ll be so “low” that you might be tempted to stop. But you keep on going anyway. Veteran mom Michelle Padrelanan will share how she homeschooled even through the toughest times, including the loss of their youngest child. Her story will encourage parents to heed the call to be their children’s primary educators.

Read Michelle Padrelanan’s profile online here.  


“The Secret to More Time and Energy” by Dr. Teresa Moon

We have really important goals! After all, we want our children to grow up to be successful, achieving, compassionate citizens. We also want them to be prepared for family, community, faith, profession, life. It’s a BIG job. And we often feel like we’re failing….somewhere. How can we parents do the very best…the most important things for our children? Dr. Teresa Moon, veteran homeschooling mom and mentor-to-many, will share the secret to achieving this.

Read Dr. Teresa Moon’s profile online here.  


“Spreading the Fire of Homeschooling” by Laksmi and Vishnu Maluya

Second-generation homeschooling mom Laksmi Maluya will share her experiences of being homeschooled, being a homeschooling mom, and her personal advocacy of “spreading the fire” and helping homeschooling families in their journey. Sharing the stage with her is her eldest daughter Vishnu, a homeschool graduate who is also spreading the fire of homeschooling in her own circles.

Read Laksmi Maluya and Vishnu Maluya’s profiles online here.  


“Making a Difference as a Homeschooled Kid” by Lia Cua

Their out-of-the-box education allows homeschoolers to find and pursue passions and advocacies that are important to them. 12-year-old Lia Cua, who founded Earth Crew Kids when she was 11 years old, will share what her advocacy is and how she is making a difference in the world through this.

Read Lia Cua’s profile online here.  


“Homeschooling Special Needs Kids: A Life-Changing Vocation” by Jen Wi-Bellosillo

Listen to Jen Bellosillo, a homeschooling mom of four, as she shares their family’s journey in homeschooling Josh, a special needs child, and how it helped them discover and pursue his passion. Her family’s story is a wonderful testimony about how homeschooling works for different types of learners and how it can become a life-changing option for the special needs child.  

Read Jen Wi-Bellosillo’s profile online here.

“Homeschooling Works!” by Camille Paguio

One of the most common questions homeschooling parents ask is: “Will my child turn out OK after homeschooling?” Camille Paguio—homeschool graduate turned wife and mom (who plans to homeschool her child), entrepreneur, and community leader—will address these fears by sharing her story as a testimonial that homeschooling does work.

Read Camille Paguio’s profile online here.



“Homeschool 101: Beginning Homeschooling” by Nove-Ann Tan

You know you want to homeschool or feel called to do it, but how do you actually get started? You may be asking yourself: “What are the things I need to know before I homeschool?” “How do I know that I’m doing the right thing?” “How do I plan our lessons?” These are valid questions for the new homeschooler. Let Nove-Ann Tan—veteran homeschooler, founding member of the Philippine Homeschoolers Association (PHA), and author of iHomeschool: How to Do It Without Losing Your Mind—address these questions and calm overwhelmed parent nerves in this breakout session.

Read Nove-Ann Tan’s profile online here.


“Teaching the Most Feared Activity: Public Speaking” by Dr. Teresa Moon

Research tells us that people are more afraid of speaking in public than of dying. When at a funeral, most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. Research also tells us that the real influencers are those who can articulate their ideas well. Your homeschooled students have important ideas to share. Significant contributions to make. Learn how to help them communicate well in every situation through Dr. Teresa Moon’s breakout session.

Read Dr. Teresa Moon’s profile online here.


“My Wife is Homeschooling! What Do I Do?” by Reiner Roldan

Moms are usually the main teachers in the homeschool, but dads play an important role too! Homeschooling dad Reiner Roldan, who is also currently taking his Masters in Family Life and Child Development, shares how he takes part in educating the children and why the father’s support is crucial in homeschooling.

Read Reiner Roldan’s profile online here.


“A Look at Homeschooling Methodologies and Styles” by Cassandra Shepherd

Classical. Montessori. Charlotte Mason. Unschooling. Unit studies. There are lots of different ways to homeschool but how do I choose? Second-generation veteran homeschooling mom Cassandra Shepherd will help participants get familiar with the five main homeschool methodologies to help them decide what is best for their children.

Read Cassandra Shepherd’s profile online here.


“Different Routes of Homeschooling” by Laksmi Maluya

There is no one way to homeschool and the variety of options can be overwhelming to those who are about to take the plunge… or those who are already homeschooling but unsure of the path they’re treading. “Should I enroll with a homeschool provider?” “What does being an ‘independent homeschooler’ mean?” Second-generation homeschooler and homeschooling advocate Laksmi Maluya has been through it all and will share the pros, cons, hows, and whys of the different routes to take in this afternoon breakout session.

Read Laksmi Maluya’s profile online here.


“Finding Your Village: Starting and Sustaining a Homeschool Support Group” by Moira Bulan-Bunyi

“It takes a village to raise a child,” one well-known African proverb goes. Indeed, homeschoolers need all the support they can get and one way to get support is through a co-op. But how do you find one? How can you build one and keep it going as life (and traffic!) happens? Moira Bunyi, homeschooling mom of four kids and founder of the Joy of the Lord Homeschoolers Co-op, will share how their “village” started from a family of 2 to a family of 11 meeting regularly, sharing classes, nurturing friendships, and providing support for one another.

Read Moira Bulan-Bunyi’s profile here.


“Taking the Plunge: Transitioning to Homeschooling” by Frannie Severino-Daez

Transitioning from brick-and-mortar school to homeschooling can be a big adjustment for the family and the children. How did other families do it? What can we expect? Can we really do this? These are just a few of the questions that long-time homeschooling mom of 8 Frannie Daez will answer in this breakout session.

Read Frannie Severino-Daez’s profile online here.


“How to Inject Truth, Goodness, and Beauty into Your Homeschool” by Gina Guerrero-Roldan

Truth, goodness, and beauty. These are lofty goals for homeschooling parents. But how do you actually teach and implement them in your daily homeschool life? What does “truth, beauty, and goodness” even mean when it comes to homeschooling? With everything else that we have to teach, is it really possible to include these goals in our lessons? Charlotte Mason-homeschooling mom and advocate Gina Guerrero-Roldan will answer these questions and inspire us to achieve these goals.

Read Gina Guerrero-Roldan’s profile online here.


“What Lights My Fire? Life Beyond Homeschooling” by Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao

Homeschooling is a tough vocation! Life revolves around lesson planning, actual teaching, looking for the best materials and styles for our children, shuttling and driving them from one activity after another… not to mention managing the home and everything else we need to do! But who are we beyond being teacher-mom, after our daily lessons are done? Is being our children’s primary educator all that we are meant to do? And what will our life be like when all our kids are done with homeschooling? Let HAPI (Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands) president, homeschool advocate, and “newly-graduated-from-homeschooling” mom of four Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao answer these questions in her breakout session.

Read Dr. Donna Pangilinan-Simpao’s profile online here.


For more information on the program, visit http://www.educatingforlife.co/philippine-homeschool-convention-2018-program/

See you there!

1st Global Homeschool Conference

You are not alone. Come together with other homeschooling families and be encouraged to Learn Better! The 1st Global Homeschool Conference is happening on Oct 13 Saturday at SMX Convention at SM Aura in Taguig.

Here is the line up of speakers:

There are specialised workshop tracks that the whole family can choose from:


P1,000/head (early bird rate until August 31, 2018)
P1,200/head (regular and walk-in rate)Special rates for Homeschool Global Families:
P800/head (early bird rate until August 31, 2018)
P1,000/head (regular and walk-in rate)

To register, kindly visit this site: http://homeschoolglobal.com/ghc2018.html

IDMC 2017

I was able to attend IDMC or Intentional DiscipleMaking Conference in Singapore from August 31 to Sept 2 this year. It was unplanned but the Lord blessed me with the airplane and accommodations for the trip. It was my first IDMC experience and it was a beautiful one. It was a heart probing and deep reflection type of conference. I went there with an expectant heart and the Lord has used this conference  to rekindle my spiritual passion.

It was awesome to be with 5,300 delegates from all over the world and be worshipping God together. It was even more special to know that I’m not the only one who wants to  draw nearer to God and have a deeper relationship with Him.

The topics were divided into 7 plenary sessions. And each one focused on how to rekindle our spiritual passion. If you asked me which one was my favorite – I would have to say every session was equally relevant and important. Rev Edmund Chan was able to divide every lesson into bite-sized life application and gives enough time to really reflect on my life after every plenary.

My heart needed to be broken so that the Lord can do an inner work in my life. I must “break up the fallow ground” so that my spiritual passion will be restored. There are 4 areas in my life  which needs to be checked upon – “primal wounds of the heart”, “cyniscism of the mind”, “paralysis of the will” and “overcrowding of the soul”.

I was also able to attend workshops about “keeping fresh in the ministry” and “living the intentional life”.  The workshops were panel discussions among different individual sharing their personal lives and how they relate to the topics. It was a very candid sharing of lives and experiences – which allows the attendees to get a glimpse of how God is working in each of their lives.

I went home broken yet filled because I know that the Lord is with me. His love propels me to move forward in the calling He has set in my life. My spiritual passion is renewed and I pray that in the coming days, I shall always be reminded of all that I have learned from the conference and that I experience God in a deeper way in my life.


Philippine Homeschool Conference 2017

For the past years, I have been attending the annual Philippine Homeschool  Conference. It has constantly been a source of inspiration and encouragement for me to go on this less traveled journey of homeschooling. As we have been homeschooling for  the past 7 years now, there are still days that I get frustrated and unsure if what we are doing is enough for my children. Homeschooling conferences always give me that “extra push” I need. The different speakers give me more creative ideas which we implement at home. The products at the Expo always provide good resources which are helpful in making learning at home more fun!

This year’s conference is entitled Homeschool to the Future: Educating for the World of Tomorrow and it is happening on October 7 at Treston International College at BGC in Taguig.

Homeschoolers must learn that education for the future should go beyond mere memory work and these skills are important to succeed : critical thinking skills, creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills.  The conference aims to encourage and equip homeschooling families in their journey through practical breakout sessions, the expo filled with educational materials, and by providing a venue where homeschoolers can meet and gather as a community.

Keynote speakers include:
Sen. Kiko Pangilinan speaking on Back to Basics Parenting in the Technological Age
Efren Penaflorida speaking on Unconventional Education: Empowering the Youth for the Future
Marissa Leinart speaking on The Best Option for Education in the 21st Century: Homeschooling Know Your Kids. Discover Their Passion. Learning Happens

Each attendee can choose 2 Breakout Sessions. Here are the sessions you will choose from:
Session: We Want to Homeschool! Now What?
Session: Homeschool for Free
Session: The Juggling Act: Home Management for Teacher Moms
Session: What I Learned in My Rookie Year of Homeschooling
Session: The Working Homeschool Mom
Session: 7 Tips for Teaching Multiple Age Students Without Losing Your Mind
Session: Narration 101
Session: Carving Out Me-Time for Busy Homeschool Moms
Session: No Fear! Homeschooling Through High School
Session: Technology in Your Homeschool
Session: Raising Financially Literate Kids
Session: That Thing Called “Gap Year”
Session: The Treston Way: Excellent and Ethical Education in a Caring Community

The Early Bird Rate of P800 per person is until Sept 30 only! Hurry! Register now by clicking on this Philippine Homeschool Conference registration link.

See you there!