The Greatest Showman Movie Review

My daughter and I went to watch The Greatest Showman because I have heard great reviews about the film. I basically knew nothing about it except that this is a musical, Hugh Jackman is the main character and that many people were praising the film.

After the credits rolled out, I was very much entertained. The songs had me wanting to sing along and I was inspired to face the world and not be ashamed of who I am and to go and contribute to the world.

I’d like to share some quotes from the movie …

  • No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – P.T. Barnum
  • A man’s station is only limited by his imagination.” – Jenny Lind
  • You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people.” – Charity Barnum

The songs that I really liked were “A Miliion Dreams”, “This is Me” and “Rewrite the Stars”.

It has been a month ago when we saw the movie and my daughter and I still talk about the movie  now and listen to the soundtrack… it definitely is a movie worth watching again.

4 Life Lessons from Wonder Woman

A few weeks ago, we went to the movie theater as a family to watch Wonder Woman. It was a movie we have been waiting to see – and truly, we came out entertained and inspired. I personally loved the movie because growing up, I knew Wonder Woman’s story and I was glad that the movie didn’t change much from the original story and that the movie wasn’t just entertaining but it was able to make us appreciative of Diana’s journey and truly root for her as a character.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine were also very good choices for the lead characters. They truly owned the characters.

There were also a couple of quotes and lessons that I picked up from the movie:

  • Love is what can change the world. -As Diana said, “It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.”
  • The one you love the most can hurt you the most. – As Queen Hippolyta said, “You have been my greatest love. Today you become my greatest sorrow.”
  • Don’t let our schedules or trivial matters take control of how we live our lives. Let us be intentional in how we live our lives. As Diana said as she looks at the watch – “That tiny thing tells you what to do?”
  • We always have a choice. – We can do nothing, just stand and watch the world or we can do something about what we see. As Steve Trevor said”My Father told me once, ‘If you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing, or you can do something.’ And I already tried nothing.”

I am hoping to watch the movie again. How about you? What did you think of the movie?

Insights from Inside Out

inside out jpgMeet the little voices inside your head. – Inside Out

A few months back, we watched Disney’s Inside Out. My kids liked the movie and I did too. There are several things we discussed after watching it together.

We all need to process our feelings. Each person, whether young or old, feels something. We can be happy, sad, disgusted, angry or afraid. Of course, there are many more feelings but these are the main feelings as shown in the movie. We need to offer each other more grace and understanding because we are all created with different feelings.

Sadness is an important part of life. Don’t deny or suppress  when we are sad, instead face sadness head on. Let these feelings show and remember, it is okay to be sad once in awhile.

When we are angry, our judgment is clouded. Most often than not, our actions are  based on a reaction and haven’t been clearly thought about. If possible, don’t make decisions when angry.

It is important to communicate our feelings and thoughts to people. To resolve issues, communication is key.

Our memories and “Islands of Personality” help define who we are and what is important to us. We asked each other what our islands were after the movie, it opened a way to understand and appreciate each other even more.

I felt a bit sad when I saw the clips of young Riley and her old toys. It reminded me how grown up my kids are now. It seemed only yesterday when they were so young but time has moved on. I am grateful that I have many memories of them and with them.

I won’t give Inside Out a perfect 10, probably  8 in my books, but it is worth watching with your children. After watching, don’t forget to share your insights to enrich your communication and your relationships.



Life Lessons from Dolphin Tale

dolphins tale
We recently just watched the movies “Dolphin Tale” and “Dolphin Tale 2”. I will not tell you about the story line of both movies but will tell you what I learned. Though I can tell you that both were good family movies to watch!

1. Once in a while, it is necessary to watch inspirational movies. Life can be challenging and the news that we see daily is depressing, we need to be reminded that one person’s life can inspire others. As Sawyer, the main character, found his passion in life, he was effective in creating a positive change in his community. As he helped Winter, the dolphin, other people who were facing the same challenges in life, found inspiration, hope and courage through Winter’s life.

2. Homeschooling can give you time to pursue your passion. Hazel, the young girl who works with her dad in the Clearwater Marine Hospital is homeschooled. Eventually, Sawyer, didn’t attend summer classes in school but volunteered in the Marine Hospital and at the same time worked on his essays and other requirements. Eventually, in the second part, Sawyer was even offered scholarship by a college because they saw passion and dedication in him. It was an encouragement to our homeschooling family!

3. We must volunteer and step outside of your comfort zone. Sawyer was a shy young boy who found his place in the Marine Hopsital and his mom didn’t want him to help in the beginning but when she eventually saw how engaged Sawyer was, she accepted and allowed Sawyer to help. It is important to contribute to our community, and it reminded our family that we need to be a positive impact to our society.

4. Change is inevitable. Now matter how much you want to let things stay the same, change will happen. Sawyer was offered a scholarship and would have to leave town and the Marine Hospital, he was reluctant to leave but eventually realized that it was really the best step for him. Something unexpected is bound to happen, we need to face these changes with faith in God that His purposes would be fulfilled as we go though life with Him.


As we watched these movies, we were greatly encouraged and entertained. So if you haven’t seen these movies, go and watch with your family!


Mr. Peabody and Sherman

What’s the only thing harder than being the world’s most extraordinary dog? It is being an ordinary dad. Why am I questioning and answering such a thing? It is because I have just seen the trailer of the new Mr Peabody and Sherman trailer. Sincerely, it impressed me and if you would look I am pretty sure you would put this movie on your 2014 watch list.

Brought to us by the DreamWorks Animation and the creator of “The Lion King”, the new animated comedy “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” tells us the story of a dog that was the greatest scientist and at the same time the greatest dad in the world. Mr. Peabody is a talking canine that has lots of huge achievements, such as a Nobel Prize for peace and a doctoral degree in some dog science. Besides, he also knows how to have fun. This dog invented the fist bump, Zumba, and planking. The greatest of all his inventions is the WABAC time machine. Together with his son, Sherman, they travel in time and witness the incredible history by getting involved in it.

As the story goes, Sherman does not listen to his dad and in an attempt to conquer the heart of his crush, Penny, he shows her the WABAC and they travel to the Ancient Egypt. The time travel is now used improperly and Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Penny have to rewrite the history, in order to save the universe.

The amazing story about the weirdest time traveler in the world is going to totally impress you and make you laugh. There are no more movies that can show you how the world’s most extraordinary dog is trying his best to be an ordinary dad. Mr. Peabody & Sherman, teaches us history and it shows us how valuable are the family relationships.

This March, the animated movie “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” hits the theaters. Do no miss the chance to explore the past and witness how Mr. Peabody rewrites the history of our civilization. Dive into an amazing adventure, using the WABAC machine, next to the genius dog Mr. Peabody & Sherman.