When SAHM one speaks: Christmas with the whole family

When was the last time that you spent Christmas with the whole family?

Last Christmas. We prepared Christmas lunch here at our house. My family came from Manila and my hubby’s family came from Laguna (too).

When SAHM one speaks: Christmas Gifts

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? What’s on your list?

I am not yet done with my Christmas shopping. We have already bought gifts for our “inaanaks” and extended family members and a few friends. But I have not yet bought any gifts for my hubby and kids. I cant seem to think of any gift for them that would fit my budget. I have a tight budget. Do you have any suggestions? Most of the gifts we bought were books, clothes and toys.

When SAHM one Speaks: Trust

How would you bring back your trust to someone who had broken it twice? Do you think it’s possible? Can a broken trust be whole again?

I think it is hard to give your trust again to someone who has broken it not once, but twice. Broken trust needs unconditional love and understanding so it can be whole again.
Humanly speaking, I think it is impossible to trust someone who broke your heart several times already. Only with the love of Christ in our hearts can we truly forgive someone who has hurt us and openly give our trust again. We need to have experienced Christ’s love first, His unconditional love, before we can share it with another.

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When SAHM one speaks: when your partner cheats

What would you do if you found out that your partner cheats on you?

I certainly hope that this will never happen. But if it does happen, I will investigate about the affair. When I have already done so, I will confront my partner. I will inquire about details on the affair and what made him cheat on me. Coming from a Christian home, I would remind him what the Bible has stated about adultery. I would also ask him what his plans are about the affair.

This certainly is a very difficult topic and I hope none of us would ever have to face this kind of situation.

When SAHM one speaks: anniversary

Do you celebrate anniversaries? How?

Yes. We do celebrate our wedding anniversary. My hubby and I don’t get to go out on dates a lot since I personally care for our two kids. So for our anniversary, we try to go out on a dinner date. We go to a fancy restaurant and sometimes, we also go to a coffee shop. We talk and evaluate about our relationship, our family, our direction. Sometimes, if we have the budget, we give each other gifts too.

We are going to celebrate our 8th anniversary soon. Hm, I wonder how are we going to celebrate it this time?

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