Grapevine Studies The Resurrection Review

In the past 6 years of homeschooling, I have seen other homeschoolers write about Grapevine Studies and I ‘ve always been interested to try it so when I got the opportunity to review one of their products, Resurrection: Multi-Level, I was excited to see how my kids ages 12 and 9 would like this homeschool Bible curriculum.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}
We are taking a break from our usual Bible curriculum and decided to use Grapevine Studies since February. This review of the study about Resurrection came very timely since there are a few weeks before Easter. I received a digital copy in PDF format of the Resurrection: Multi-Level product. The files I received were:
– Teacher’s Guide
– Student Blank Worksheets
– Student Traceable Worksheets


Grapevine Studies is the brainchild of John and Dianna Wiebe. Their children are homeschool and college graduates already and John is actively involved in teaching adult Sunday class in their church while Dianna helps John prepare for his lessons. Grapevine offers a tool that is easy to teach and help children process, understand and respond to the Bible.

The method of Bible study is through the reviewing of timeline, reading the Word of God, drawing stick figures from the passage, answering the questions about the lesson, memory work, a bit of Bible geography and using a Bible dictionary.

Aside from printing the Student Traceable Worksheets for my 9 year old son, we also used pens, markers, a Bible and a Bible dictionary. We also used a folder to store all the print outs. For my 12 year old artistic daughter, she opted to use a blank paper and draw her own version of stick figures.

The Resurrection study starts from The Last Supper shared by Jesus and His disciples. As my children listen to me read the scriptures assigned for the lesson, my son traces the outlines from the printout while my daughter creates her own stick figures.


There is a total of at least 8 passages per lesson and each lesson approximately takes 40 minutes for us to finish. We used the product at least 3 times a week (with my kids begging to do some more each time)!  9 lessons is included for this Resurrection unit study. Here is a view of its contents.


At the end of the lesson, there are ready made questions which I discussed with them. In the teacher’s guide, the answers are already provided. The questions are all related to the lesson with one question in the end that asks “what did you learn about God form this lesson”. Then the children are asked to draw about their favorite passage and to write down the memory verse.

What I Think About This Product

I loved this product! Here are my reasons:

  1. This is a very conversational and interactive kids bible study. I chose to read the Bible passages to my children even if they can do so by themselves because I wanted to interact with them and ask questions and be able to answer their questions. Through this approach, we had meaningful discussions about Christ and the happenings around His Resurrection more vividly.
  2. The product is Bible-centered. We read the Bible together as a family, and our discussions came from the stories and the situations each character faced. The children also saw how each of the gospels were related as we jumped from one text to the other. I liked it because it allowed us to see the connections in the Bible especially the gospels. It also allowed us to know more about God and His character through the lesson-end questions.
  3. The product is very easy to follow and use. Not much prior preparation needed at all and the teacher’s guide is easily understandable. My children were also able to easily follow and understand the flow of the lesson.
  4. I can use the product across all levels. This product is good for families with multi-level children.
  5. I will recommend this product to our kids ministry too. It is a good bible study material for children’s church too.


For more information on Grapevine, follow them on their social media accounts.


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Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

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