Board Game : Sequence

For the past 2 consecutive Saturdays, I have been enjoying family bonding via board games. This week, we opted to play Sequence. It has easy to understand rules so even my 4 year old joined us in this game. I think it also enables my kids, especially my preschooler, to recognize numbers and symbols more easily.

I think board games are a great way to teach about taking turns, being patient and losing with grace. Hopefully, we can make this a weekly family bonding activity.

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Board Game : Nab It

Weekends at home are my favorite. I love Saturdays because it is a laid back day that I can enjoy time with kids. Today, we played a new board game that a friend of mine gave us yesterday. It is entitled Nab It by Hasbro.

It is easy to play and is quite educational. You just need to create words and interlink them all together. It is a good way to come up with words that rhyme! My daughter and I had a great time playing our first game together! Educational family bonding at its best!
Note: This is not a paid posting!

Board Game

I believe that board games are great educational toys. I am quite glad that we were able to invest in one a few years back and now, the kids are able to enjoy it. I think board games is a great tool in teaching my kids about taking turns, waiting, counting, money and investments. Well, as of now, Monopoly is the board game that we play from time to time.

(photo taken a few months back)